Antique Mirror

Made by hand in Brooklyn at the Lion Heart Craft-Guild
French Antique, Contemporary, and Replica Mirror

We now offer seven styles in glass thickness between 1/8” and 1/2” thick. Archivac backed, which means our panels are safe and install easily. Specify SKU in one of your frame design or ours, or as many do, ask for a per sheet quote (maximum size is 8’ x 10’, panels), can be cut to size, and installed by Lion Heart’s professional and experienced install team.

Tall Medusa


Heavy iron swirls through dark antique, and has medium reflectivity. Not an ideal mercury-looking mirror, often used for large room paneling.

Madame Smokey


Low iron, heavy silver and soft antique greys smoke through this style. Beautiful in frame and out. High reflectivity.



Muted silver with champagne hues, more mist than smoke. Reflectivity is medium to almost high. More in line with architectural movements of the sixteenth to eighteenth century.



Sort of a salmon meets dusk sky in appearance, cloudy if anything. Ideal for not-so-common in-frame use. Reflectivity is light to medium.



Chalky plumes with earthy turbidity disturbing solid masses, this decorative antique mirror style is not for very functional applications, and while it can be placed in any frame style of your choice, be aware that their is a low reflectivity.

Milk & Honey


Milky warm pools intersected by honey-like, and at some points golden rays and specs. Creates heavy glare, but does not have anything greater than a low reflectivity, so it is not a functional antique mirror.

French Antique, Contemporary, and Replica Mirror
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