Hanging, Display, and Installation Systems

Reducing steps, ensuring safety, maintaining professionalism.

Manufacturer, Purchasing Agent, Designer, or Installer? Archivac© is a furniture closure and installation engineering system. Primarily creating custom panels that can be removed, tied to furniture that assembles with an open back e.g., frames and desks. And our point residential system will be unveiled later this year, changing how homes hang and display artwork/photos, forever.

Our furniture closure system has several key functions, either a four-step or five step process, depending on desired options.

Lion Heart Mirrors exclusively holds the right to all patents and associated systems.
Archivac© provides both consultation and estimates for furniture closure, only through
Lion Heart’ s main office in Brooklyn, NY USA. Contact us for inquires.

What are some comparative differences? Systems like no other, performing and applying to an array of functions.

  • Single Membrane Backing
  • Glazing Protection
  • Prevents Shattering
  • Low Acidity

  • Proprietary
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Durable

  • Heat Resistant sheet protects from warping damage
  • Systems can be used for furniture and wall decor

  • Closed backs can be black or custom color
  • Swappable open systems
  • Large or small casegoods applicable

Single Membrane Backing & Second-Hook Security Mounting

Installation engineering consultation requires detailing of scope and relevant/applicable FF&E drawings, along with site conditions for review. We are happy to provide pricing or preliminary review at no cost. Inquire within.

Overseas backing is plywood, not sanded, and sprayed with paint, which can gas and discolor
walls. In addition many imports have questionable fumigation practices.

• Most methods of backing are not single membrane, in addition not engineered for a particular
design, often resulting in a permanent and unsightly closure, meaning a framed mirror would
have to be disposed of if chipped or shattered. Archivac© lets maintenance easily swap out
any damaged parts, quickly and easily, saving client’s time and money, and allowing hoteliers
a quick and reliable solution to get a room ready for reservation or booking.

• Our back panels are engineered for design and function, so not only stunning and make a
piece look finished. Moreover, all panel closures have an excellent fire performance class.

• Installation issues cause frustrating delays, which is why our system is ready-hang,
meaning ready to hang out of the box, along with seamless safety
locking that bypasses typical wrenching and troubleshooting.

See technical data download for more info.


Panthros Commercial Gallery System will be available later this year. Novel and internal design allows for easier deinstallation, Rod-end hanger has viewport and display track mounts by way of keyhole hanging.
Hanging, Display, and Installation Systems
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