Seeking motivated, punctual, and skilled employees!

Below are current and open career offerings.

Warning! If you want to send a resume, do so, but know that it will likely be overlooked. Want to get noticed? Write something about your previous work, what you are doing now, why bespoke luxury mirrors and frames made in Brooklyn is for you, and if it is, what’s wrong with you? Kidding. Exciting industry, and this upstart is looking to expand our office and skilled professionals.

Artisans and craftsmen, just tell us what you are doing, skillset, years of experience, etc. 


Green Boxes = Factory Positions

Lightblue/White = Administrative, General labor

No calls, unless you have some really great gossip.

E-mail:, call out job title in the subject line. Remember, prefer a cover letter per the above note, as any resume will get lost in a sea of words.


Great manufacturing and admin team, looking for a somewhat experienced bookkeeper with foundational knowledge of accounting, perhaps a bit more. The more knowledgeable, the better. Prerequisites are bullet pointed below.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles.
  • Strong QuickBooks experience.
  • Organizational skills of some kind.
  • Proficient with a computer, using excel, etc
  • Strong written and verbal skills, followed by communication skills in general.
  • Talent for managing and collecting accounts receivable, getting accounts paid with kindness and firmness.
  • Must work independently.
  • Manufacturing experience would be helpful.


  • Balance and maintain accurate ledgers
  • Match purchase orders with invoices
  • Enter bank deposits, reconcile accounts and track bank account balances
  • Report financial results on a regular basis to management
  • Monitor office supplies and expenses
  • Pay vendor invoices
  • Develop monthly financial statements, including cash flow, profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Prepare quarterly and monthly tax returns, along with payroll, business and sales taxes
  • Process biweekly payroll
  • Prepare customer invoices and statements
  • Process customer invoices and monthly statements
  • Manage accounts receivable

Job Type: Full-time, starting at 17.90 per hour, with health benefits

Part-Time Driver

Driver, for runs made between Brooklyn and Manhattan, specifically couriering sensitive information to company owner. Have a commercial driver’s license, be okay with working late. Company is growing, opportunity for growth. Pays 15 dollars per hour. Owner does not like to chat.


Woodworker, in conjunction with glass work (you will learn this on the job), knowhow of an electric kiln. Knowledge of 3D printers is a definite plus. Run simple moulding, pull glass, set it to cool.

Have at least or  close to a decade of woodworking experience. Overtime is optional in this position, not compulsory. You must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Know how to measure, be open to new ideas and means of operation and application of previously used tools.

Basic Qualifications would include experience in woodworking operations, along with having experience with power tools, OSHA safety practices.

Health Insurance


$55,000 starting salary

Welding Apprentice

Apprentice welder will be responsible with assisting lead welder with the fabrication of various medium to large scale structures.

Basic Qualifications would include experience in welding operations, along with having experience with power tools, OSHA safety practices and typical welding station layouts.  Have at least  a year or two of professional welding experience. Please be able to work overtime. You must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Know how to measure, I beg of you. You will get dirty. We provide a jumpsuit with corporate logo for those in welding and our spray room. No, don’t bring your own romper, you will be sent home and asked not to return. We are serious.

Health Insurance


$35,000 starting salary


Per policy, stated in said policy, Lion Heart Mirror & Frame Company’s position on discrimination, applies to all Lion Heart Mirror & Frame Company employees, volunteers, members, clients, and contractors.

Lion Heart Mirror & Frame Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

Our policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, organization members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public.

What makes us a company that you would want to work for?

Movement, rapidly growing company with multiple opportunities. Everything we have done has opened the door  to new opportunities, sharing this with others, expanding our company means something quite special to us. Our most important value is valuing one’s work, and what that means in a very thoughtful way.

Future Stuff

Many of our techniques and developed technologies for our industry are not only cutting edge, but absolutely what we think the future will look like in not only custom casegoods, but retail markets for both furniture and consumer electronics.


Every day we strive to understand everyone, we get what it means to work, run into problems, difficulty, and as company policy we respect what it means to be rationally and practically frustrated when some task runs into an obstacle that can easily be mitigated, simply by making it known. Yes, we are good listeners.


Management that works. We provide the tools and expect results. No micromanaging, you should know how to do your job. This is a good thing, if you do your job.


It is in the experience of many, that being thrown into a place that is constantly making, designing, editing, etc, that inspiration comes quite easily.


If you have working digits and aren’t afraid to lose a thumb, we don’t mind non factory personnel that will use a machine, however our floor manager will have an objection if she senses you are nervous.


Our vast library of resources allows for not only learning some interesting trades, the workspace and staff allow for any idea to be made, suggested, brought to market.


We don’t hound anyone for having responsibilities outside of work, do what you need, no need to ask us to be an adult. However, get your work finished and everything will be kosher.


Factory is several blocks down from our office, a quick train stop from Manhattan.


Not too often, but often enough we are sent out into the world to source special items to finish truly incredible pieces, for projects for some impressive clientele. All of this makes us more informed, and broadens our capability to offer the use of new or interesting materials in the future, in addition to our already impressive catalog of artisan means and tools.


While we use a cutting edge system, along with technologies, a staple of most of our work is using ancient means of crafting, making things. While we may be 3D printing and automating often, we will use our electric kiln, making exquisite and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Nothing wrong with have a LionHeart. 


If you think you are exceptional at electronics, lighting design, masterful carving, metal work, glass work, or anything that would be of interest to our company, we are open to hiring extremely talented people, even when we don’t have openings.