Custom Framing Preview

Preview your artwork in any of our artisan frames

Custom Framing Preview

As a courtesy to our customers and potential customers, we offer custom framing previews. We will generate your uploaded artwork with the frame selection of your choice. This virtual framing of sorts allows our customers to get a feel or idea of what is the best fit for a given piece.

While period specific framing is intended to accent a piece by way of appropriate period choice, type of carving and finish, we certainly will go ahead and generate previews for non traditional framing choices.

Simply use the upload feature below, upload your artwork, and fill out all parameters. Once uploaded with your choices, we will send the preview back to you, along with previews that we might recommend here internally.

Choices will include pricing options and lead time. Along with a brief explanation as to why we think our internal choices might be more appropriate.

Thank you for framing with a LionHeart.

Either company name or private client name
Frame Style*
Input SKU #
Art description and condition?
LionHeart does not do inhouse archival or general fitting, description and condition is for build understanding
Artwork Size*
This is the outside dimension of the frame, input in inches or mm
Let us know if you have any special requests
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Max file size: 25 MB. Acceptable file types:

22 Karat Gold Barbizon frame, chosen for oil-on-canvas still life.

Preview your artwork in any of our artisan frames
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