Dutch Frames

From style to opulence, the Dutch upgrade of ornament and finishing
Dutch Empire

The Dutch Empire is integral to art history, its framing history is quite thrilling. As an emerging empire that lacked gold, it relied on what Braque referred to as limited means, which is style. In this process and beginning, there are the dutch staples of black over red finish, and assorted veneers. As the Dutch quickly became very successful traders, karat gold then entered the framing world of the dutch. Dutch frames are typically bulky, dark, and often peaked, meaning there are troughs and waves with heights uncommon to other styles. LionHeart and its creation of Dutch frames, does so with all the elements (and more) mentioned, keeping it not only historically accurate, beautifully executed as well, as beautiful as any Dutch craftsman would expect.

Preview, sample, order, and encourage others to use our understanding of process, finish, and absolute master frame making.

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Dutch Empire
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