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Catalogue of Frames Series I

Most frames fabricated during the Renaissance are the basis for design in framing, at LionHeart we have decades of experience, and a lifetime of knowledge beyond foundational Renaissance frames. While the richness of decoration and craftsmanship is our hallmark, design and material use is our calling card.

We offer framing consultation, conservation, and archival framing in house on a case by case basis, depending on art value. Feel free to request samples or catalogs.

  • Modern, Neo-Futurism
  • Dutch
  • Italianate
  • Spanish
  • Regency, Second Empire
  • American Federal, Art Deco, All Metal
  • Tudor
  • Bright
Welded Metal
Blown Glass
Brightology or Hybrid
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…Love finding the right frame treatment. Art means a lot to me, and so do our customers. We hope that everyone not only experiences great customer service and quality custom framing, but also is compelled to come back, because we think we are top notch, and it shows.

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Jackie Kirkland
Production & Design Senior Manager
Mirrors, Frames, and Framed Mirror Lighting