Ziggurat World-Class Prints

Exclusive Original and Custom Art Prints
Art is where work meets love

Bold, colorful, novel, and refined.

We are proud to introduce a collaboration with world-class artists, a consortium that creates our permanent and customizable collection of beautiful prints that are location, period, and mood specific.

The first series in this collection will be available on January 3,  2017. Be it value or premium paper, specialty glazing, special hanging, etc, it will be made available for projects, whatever is needed for fulfilling your art component in guestrooms, public space, and even outdoor. Certainly a welcome addition to our product line. Design fearlessly. Frame with a lionheart. And now, be bold as art itself.

Aqua Bird Show ~ Zoe Milna

Rusted Brutes ~ Silvio Brahma

Art is where work meets love
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