Our Framing Philosophy

Museum, Residential, and Hospitality Art Framing

Our framing collection is not only art history made real in our detailed understanding of architectural movements, it is moved forward by our taxonomy of movements never before contemplated or executed before in museum framing. In accordance with our motto, we want everyone to design fearlessly. And this is made so because we are busy at work providing all the tools needed, the framework if you will for a new frontier of quality and framing elements.

Why are we the leading pioneer in an age-old industry?

Excitedly we built our collection not only in the old world tradition of carving and gilding, but also with algorithmic modeling, newfound finishing techniques, and bringing elegant accent lighting in frame form, for those that want boldness. We expect this from our cherished customers, and any new customers that want to come join a new front of artisans, on our quest to always make perfect and historically accurate frames in Brooklyn, NY. Proudly.

Our Framing Customers

Prestigious Museums Worldwide
Private Clients
Domestic Retail Frame Shops
Museum, Residential, and Hospitality Art Framing
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